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Dr. Stewart joins statewide panel to improve education

Madison Murphy

Petoskey High School principal Dr. Mandy Stewart has been selected to be a part of a fifteen member Governor’s Educator Advisory Council. In this advisory council, she will be an education adviser to Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The members of the Advisory Council will meet many times throughout the year and discuss many issues. Dr. Stewart expressed that she is looking forward to work with educators from a more urban area than Northern Michigan.

          “State legislation has a strong impact on public education, from what we teach, how we are evaluated, to how we are funded,” Stewart said.  Stewart explained that she applied as soon as she could, because being apart of a council that makes such an impact is a dream position.

To be a member of this new advisory group is a great achievement for the principal of PHS. To be interested in this position she had to have had topics to bring into the council. “My predictions include school funding, teacher recruitment/retention, and the 3rd grade current reading legislation will be hot topic,” Stewart explained. Dr. Stewart has a few personal topics to bring up as well, including achievement for marginalized populations and administrative retention.  

The most important goal of the Governor’s Educator Advisory Council is to make positive changes of the schools in Michigan. “Including educators of all different levels, positions, and experiences will allow for professional debate and discussion about how to make our schools more successful for all of our stakeholders,” Stewart said. As she explains, having different point of views can make this council more effective in helping schools. If people make decisions without hearing the opinions of people in the field of education, it can hurt the students. Dr. Stewart seems confident that the council will be positive for schools in Michigan.

Students will be interested to learn more about the Governor’s Council and to see if it makes any major changes in the future. Dr. Stewart knows how public schools operate after being a principal in a high school, and she knows what needs to be done to better public schools. “In recent years, it has felt as if the public schools system has been the subject of much negative press, and this council gives the opportunity to allow us to have our professional experiences truly make positive change in our schools,” Stewart remarked. The council is expected to improve some aspects of the schools in Michigan.

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