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Mr. and Mrs. Universe Wanted: Must lift great weights

Jack Shomock

The power lifting community in Petoskey has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. This sport has benefited many athletes with competing stronger in their other sports that require strength such as football, soccer, track, and wrestling. The Petoskey Power lifting team has always been fruitful of awards won by the lifters and has shown other cities how great of an athletic program our school is creating. Earl Flynn, the head coach of the power lifting team, has a lot of experience behind the wheel of teaching kids and leading a team, he has been a football coach for both freshman and jv football teams, and this upcoming fall will be a coach for the varsity team that went to the playoffs last year. Coach Flynn has also taught in the classroom, health, gym, and athletes P.E. Many miles are traveled to these meets that are not usually held in northern Michigan. The lifters are too dedicated to miss the experience at a meet that sometimes they have to be on the road by six in the morning. In an interview with coach Flynn he had a few things to say about why this sport is so important, not only physically but mentally. “My philosophy of this sport is that it is to be used as a tool to help young athletes learn their potential in whatever sport they play. Lifting weights is a major reason why athletes are so successful. Not only does it help you get stronger but it breaks mental barriers that keep you from accessing your full potential.

As good of a feeling it is to win medals at these competitions, it’s not about that. It is about young people bettering themselves.” Coach Flynn plans on running the power lifting until he retires, helping kids along the path of being a successful. Parker Arms, the star running back for the Northmen in the 2018 run for the playoffs, has been a part of the power lifting program ever since he set foot into the high school and has never felt even a little bit of regret for joining, only having great things to say about this sport. “In the beginning I did it because I was trying to find new hobbies as a freshman, I never knew how much it would affect me as I mature. I became very strong which made me better at the sport I love most which is football. I used power lifting as a way of bettering myself out on the field and it has paid off. Having a group of friends all trying their hardest to place in their respected weight class is a great feeling because it comes down to how much heart an individual has and how badly they want to accomplish a goal.” This sport may seem to be very simple on the outside; lifting weights and getting medals seems to sum it up well, but what many don’t know is what the impact can be on a young athlete’s view of themselves and others. Working hard to obtain a goal is a lesson taught through this sport and a lesson like that will always be helpful while taking on other challenges in life.

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