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Track teams off and running (and jumping)

Kayla Fineout

With winter coming to an end and spring finally arriving and time has come to leave behind basketball and look forward to spring sports, including track and field. Track and field include a variety events, both running and field events, with over 50 runners, just for the female department, there is more than enough runners this year and the male department is no different. But to compensate for this large team, there’s a large variety of running events, there’s twelve different running events: sprints, long distance, hurdles, and relay races. Not even including the field events, which are mostly consisted of throwing and jumping events.

I spoke with Shelby Buchanan, Junior and second year varsity runner/thrower, about the new season, and what she was looking forward to as a teammate and as an individual runner/thrower, she said this, “I’m excited to get back into the events I participated last and hoping to beat any of my “PRs” from last year. I also think we have a bunch of strong athletes so I’m ready to see where that’s going to place our team compared to other teams,”. I also spoke with the head female track coach. When asked what she was looking forward to this year and how she was feeling about the team this year Coach Starkey, had this to say, “I am very excited about the team this year- many talented returning athletes and a good group of new ones! I am doubly lucky because they are both talented and very nice young ladies! It will be a great year! Lots of ‘wonder women’,”. It’s evident that everyone is eager to jump back into the swing of things and that both runners and coaching staff members are looking forward to a positive and hopefully successful track and field season.

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