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Time to start counting victories

Eva Matthews

The PHS springs sports are just beginning!! Boys and girls are starting to gear up for baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, track, tennis and soccer! As the weather is starting to get warm, get ready to come out and support our teams as they enter the new season! The boys baseball team is having a fresh start as younger players are stepping up to the plate to take on bigger roles while saying goodbye to a few key players from last season. Girls soccer is similarly passing on the roles of previous players to new leaders. Lacrosse is finally a school sport, and we are proud to host their games in our stadium! And may I bring to your attention that the  track, tennis, and golf teams need school spirit as they take on this Spring Season!

Going back to girls soccer, I recently interviewed Mr. Lennon (Junior Varsity Coach), and discussed his thoughts on this season for both the Junior Varsity and Varsity team. I asked for his thoughts on the teams as they are beginning the season. His immediately response was, “I think we are looking really good.” He talked about both teams and how they are starting from a good base; he also showed me that himself, along with Coach Jonker, have brought good energy and positive attitudes to the program this year. Also, he explained that there are a lot of returning players on the Varsity team, but some new players that should bring a good variety of talent. I also asked Mr. Lennon what strengths and weaknesses he felt were important for the teams to focus on as they enter conference play. For the Junior Varsity specifically, he mentioned that there is a big transition that has to be made from playing in middle school versus playing in high school. For the overall program, he believes that the girls stand out in their physical fitness. This should help them as they enter the Big North Conference.

After discussing the start of the season with Mr. Lennon, I was further interested in talking to some of the players. Senior, Genevieve Kromm, believes her team “will perform well in the conference this year” if they “continue to keep growing.” She included that their strongest advantage is the team’s “cohesiveness and their ability to string passes.” Genevieve also mentioned that TC West will most likely be their strongest competitors.

After talking to these few individuals, I was extremely impressed by the passion Mr. Lennon and his players seem to have for the PHS Girls Soccer Program. As they start to enter their first games in the Big North Conference, I wish them the best of luck and hope their passion shows on the field.

However, PHS spring sports do not stop there! So many more of our players and coaches are showing their passion everyday at practice. Our community and school is honored to be involved in these outstanding teams as they represent Petoskey High School. So let’s all support the teams and their journey this Spring by cheering them on and giving them the fans they deserve!

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