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There Are Benefits To Tutors

By Madelyn Mays

School is hard.
We have all either experienced it, or are going through it right now. High school academics are a huge change from the kinds of things you learned in middle school, which makes it even more difficult. Help can be found in many places, however. If you are struggling with math, or writing, or another subject, there are many different opportunities to get help. The high school offers tutor rooms where you can go to get help with tests, or any writing projects. In addition, most teachers stay after school, and are always happy to help struggling students.
Another thing you could do, is go see a tutor outside of school. There are many benefits of going to see a tutor. Normally at a tutor, you get one on one help. This is great if you need assistance, because all of the attention will be on you. “A student is able to work one on one with someone. As a tutor, I’m able to see more specifically where a student needs help,” says local tutor, Sarah Dawley. You can ask whatever questions you need, or take as long as you want on specific problems that confuse you. Tutors are really good at giving specialized help. If you are someone who struggles with multiplication, or even writing specific kinds of essays, a tutor will cater to your needs. They can also help with broad topics. They can help you study for tests and quizzes, or even study for things like the SAT.
Sarah Dawley is a math tutor based in Petoskey. She tutors a variety of subjects with in math. “I tutor only math and mostly high school students in Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2, Trig/Pre-Calc, but I have helped middle school students, the occasional Calculus student, and this year I have a few college students. I also have a few homeschool students.” In the interview, she mentioned to me how much she loves tutoring. “I love seeing the “ah ha!” moments when learning clicks,” she says. “It’s fun to see their attitudes change from “I can’t do this!” to “oh, this makes sense!” to “I can do this and be successful!,” Sarah says talking about students who struggle. “I also love that I can do it on my own schedule and still be a mom,” she concludes with.
A tutor is a great option for extra help. Having something explained to you in a different way is always beneficial. “Sometimes the way a teacher teaches doesn’t make sense, and a students needs it explained in another way,” says Sarah. She further explained that parents trying to teach their kids sometimes doesn’t work either, and a tutor can fill that gap. Sarah also talked about how when a student falls behind and misses “necessary math building blocks” she can help them catch up, and help understand what they missed. She also said that she can help students work ahead, so when they get to class it isn’t the first time they are seeing the material.
This year, Sarah has helped about twenty five different students. She has never advertised before, all of her students have come to her by word of mouth. She talked about how not all of her students come weekly. A lot of them do, but some just come when they need it. Going to see a tutor is a great option, if you are seeking extra help.
If you are interested in a tutor, call Sarah Dawley 231-330-4741

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